ChatGPT Arrives To iOS

Remember when some of us preferred to talk to a human or take matters into our own hands with Google search?

Or, remember when the first page of results was not littered with sponsored ads and no one ever visited the second page?

Pepperidge farm remembers….

Maybe one day we’ll look back on ChatGPT in the same way. For right now, it is still an experiment underway just as when Google first indexed the web and let users query it.

Today, when the majority of the globe relies on mobile devices for the orchestration of a highly service driven economy - how will ChatGPT fare in the mix?

For more perspective, the first iPhone was released in 2007 and did not have cut, copy or paste nor the App Store that we take for granted today and which just gave us access to the smartest app on the planet.

So, yeah, 16 years later, there is an app that gets smarter everyday and a tap way.

Green texters2 will need to wait a bit.


App Store

[2] Android users!